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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
Got a chance to put it on a curb and look at it today. I knew it would be rubbing at that rear junction between the fender and the bumper. You can't roll that area and it doesn't seem to want to stay bent out. I'll work on it some more when I have more time.

I took my spare tire and jack out and combined with the 10 mins of bending I did today I probably won't rub much now. I still plan a little camber and a lightweight battery.
Well that's definitely some hopeful (for me) news! My tires just arrived today and damn you're right they look fat. The 245's look like 255 or 265 for sure.

But that's good to know that with 10 minutes of work you got them to fit a little better. I'm just worried now that you mention an area you can't roll? I think I remember hearing a while ago that either the fronts or the rears you can't roll on the 1er, but I've seen lots of people say they have all four corners rolled so I never thought much of it. Hopefully that won't be any problem.

BUT I JUST REMEMBERED.. I have a carbon fiber trunk. How the hell did I forget until now? Maybe that will help with the weight situation in back. The battery is also 5 years old at this point, so I may get a braille one or something too. Just annoying that the meth tank (when full) + pump is like 20 extra pounds back there.

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