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Originally Posted by mrvco View Post
I'm in the same situation. My all season RFT's are at the end of their useful life. I've been running non-RFT Ice-X snow tires in the winter.

I'd like a more performance oriented summer tire (square setup), but I'm hesitant to go to non-RFT performance tires without replacing the sub-frame bushings.

I don't see any mention of replacing the sub-frame bushings in this thread, so I'm wondering if the Pilot Sports would benefit from the stiffer bushings or whether the PS3's are stiff enough that it isn't a concern.
At first I just replaced my RFT's with non RFT Michelin PS3's. The car handled fine. There is a little bit less initial turn in response - like I posted. And after a few months.... yea... the rear axle felt like it was held in by rubber bands. This was really more noticeable bc of my SW stage II tune than bc of the tires. So I also upgraded to the M3/1M rear subframe bushings(RSB). I am happy with the way the car handles. Although next on my List of to-do's are new shocks and springs. Its really a deep rabbit hole. One thing(mod) turns into some other mod.

Really... getting rid of RFT's was the best thing I could do, for an improving the driving characteristics of the car. The tires felt like they were made out of rubber as opposed to the hard as rocks(and heavy as them!) stock RFT's. RFT's felt/drove like square blocks instead of rubber tires. You can really notice the difference even on low speed small bumps.

Dackel's replacement of rear suspension OE bushings with M3 ones…