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Originally Posted by spiderz17 View Post
This video was different than the previous videos I've seen. On the others, the driver handled the car and the track like a pro, like he'd driven it many times. This driver didn't push the car very hard and his lines (at least to my eyes and I'm not a pro by any means) were quite sloppy, almost like it was his first time driving the car. The constant smile on his face only reinforces my opinion that he hadn't driven the car before, at least not on this track.
Originally Posted by Elsabor67 View Post
Wow.......that driver sucks balls. I would never allow him to drive ever again.
Of course this video is different. It was shot to put on Ever try to hold a camera steady while someone bombs it around a track? Good luck. I get that this forum probably has drivers that are leagues better than the M test drivers, but c'mon. This was a puff piece to give people a better view/sound of the car. Not the Indy 500.

I enjoyed it for what it was.