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I've received two new tops under warranty. The issue on the first one was a loose thread. BMW replaced the top rather than repair it. I would have been OK with it just stiched up properly. That top wore through on the passengers side behind the side window about half-way to the rear window glass. There was a tsb for mine which was made in May 2009. I think the cut off was August 2009 - I'm pretty sure it was later. I posted the tsb once, I got it from somebody else that posted it. The tsb is pretty simple, it just involves riveting different guides to the folding mechanism. So far my third top is fine but it was installed in July - time will tell.

A yearly cleaning with special top cleaner followed by reapplication of water repellant will go a long way towards making a top last. I bought the set I used on the first top from Bavarian. I also do not wash the top unless there is bird droppings on it or something. I just vacumn it normally. Once a year I clean it with the special cleaner.

I had a Fiat 124 spyder about 15 years ago. I replaced the top on it but it was a lot simpler than the multi-layer BMW top. If the previous owner had cared for it, I don't think I would have needed to replace it. I found the replacement on-line. But I doubt there is enough demand at least yet for suppliers to tool up for the 1 series.

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