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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
Last, once the date is set is there any chance it will change? I'll need to buy plane tickets, schedule the time off work etc.
Thanks for the help!

To answer my own question. The CA sent the email on Monday and on Thursday they emailed him back. The following information is from the email they sent the CA. He was good enough to forward it to me in its entirety. First, they didn't bother with the dates he requested. They sent him one date which is the 'earliest available'. Email stated that date is guaranteed for three days then passed to someone else if not reserved. Also stated you can request up to 3 other dates up to 10 working days of the original assigned date. I submitted the 4 Fridays after the earliest avail date. 3 of the 4 were not available. Fortunately one was. Technically its 11 working days after the assigned date but I guess they will slide on that.

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Can someone confirm if getting the orange stitched floormats is indeed included as part of PCD? A lot of folks have reported that they've gotten them as part of it, but dunno if this is just courtesy on their dealer's behalf, or indeed part of the PCD 'checklist'.
Here is a copy/paste from the email they sent my CA:

Floor Mats
Carpet floor mats that match the BMW’s interior carpet color will be automatically installed in all vehicles that do not ship from the factory with mats. By submitting the reservation for your customer to take delivery at the BMW Performance Center, you authorized carpet mats to be installed in your customer’s vehicle and your center’s Parts Department account will be debited for the cost of the mats.