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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
No. But I have also seen those two above cars for sale at the Welt's Gift Shop. I think also for around 100ish euros.

I found the orange Jagermeister concept car on You can "buy it now" for 99 euros... he seller's name is: Aftersales but he only ships within the EU. Maybe ask him IF he would ship to the states. ?

also... IF you scroll to the bottom of that page... you will see all these other models that you posted in 1:18 for 88 euros "buy it now" "sorfort kaufen".

White car...

Blue car...

Yellow car...


I found the orange Jagermeister concept car by accident on the CK-Modelcars website while buying some 1:43 scale MINI All4 Truescale models that had dropped in price.

I wasn't even aware of the pale Blue BMW 2002 Hommage model, while I was searching the internet for the original BMW price I came across it by accident on a Japanese website that was also listing the Jagermeister model.

I was looking forward to the Jagermeister model but I think that I am going to give it a miss as it doesnít look right.

It also frustrates me that BMW canít be bothered to list either of the models on the Lifestyle website, also as it is almost impossible to find a PDF version of an up to date Lifestyle catalogue it is not easy to track down the original price when comparing to eBay sellers.

I always list the models on here with the model / part numbers as it will help other members on here to find there models hopefully cheaper, I have given up ordering through my local BMW Dealership s they insist on payment up front which I donít like doing in case the model comes in a damaged box.

This is another good seller that always comes in with low prices like Salesafter on ebay, www_procarshop_de