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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Porsche is the last company that is catering to old school enthusiasts. The keep their nav screens out of the way. Offer manuals, good steering feedback and listen to their customers. They brought back NA motor because people like it. That's why Porsche attracts people that used to like what BMW was.
Spend any time in Porsche forums, and youll find plenty of people who complain how Porsche is getting too modern and soft like BMW, with electric steering, bigger/heavier cars, interiors that are too fancy, etc. For my tastes, 2012ish was kind of the end of the road for me with both Porsche and BMW. Lotus seems to still be keeping it real, at least for now. Id love to try out an Evora 400.

Ive gotta say, although Im not personally interested and would never buy one without a stick, Corvette just served up a moonshot. The C8 is practically a Ferrari for $60k, which is insane.

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