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Finally my 6 inline!!!!

Ok guys! I finally got it!!!

In late 2011 I joined the forum because I wanted to purchase a 125i! Never was a big fan of turbo cars... Since the first car I drove at 13 was a VW polo G40!!! That supercharger sound and feeling left me possessed! All this also because of that Australian movie ..... MAD MAX!
But back in 2011 i went to Germany to purchase my 125i... And I always been a fan of minis... Already had 2 by then... But it was time for a change....!*
So when I arrive at the BMW dealer, ready to find the 125i something, not something...! What I saw was a mint mini coopers s Jcw Gp! It had just 30.000 Kim's.... I said fuck the bimmer! I'm going home with this! And so I did! Been loving it since then! 280hp later... The car is made for trackdays! Forget that now!
So you know the day I arrived in lisbon I was about to arrive home... Guest what I saw on the streets.... You guest it! *A 125i passing by me! Hahahahahaha unbelievable! That was and has been the only one 125i I have ever seen in Portugal!

Ok sorry for this! What I meant with all this, is that I always wanted this straight 6!!!!! And here it's is!
Counting with 21.000kms! Almost full extras! Missing the aero pack I think everything else is there!*

And here is the mini!