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Originally Posted by eeghie View Post
Considering some (non accident related) roof work myself, so thx for posting!

Are the rivots, you are mentioning these mechanical fasteners applied with a sort of pier, that sheers of the application rod? (ie not spotwelded?). Would indeed be interested to see one or more rivot point(s) in detail.

Was the stock roof only glued or also with welds or rivots? How about the new roof is that glued only or glue and rivots?

For strength reasons I would expect that generally spot welds are preferable, (certainly for the beams) but in your case the cage is probably all the strength you ever need, so wondering if the choices made by your body shop can be transferred to a general 'no cage' situation?

They are mechanical rivots. The factory roof uses the same system, glue and rivots. A photo of a rivot. Approx 6 along front and back.
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