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Originally Posted by mike082802 View Post
whats the holdup? i asked you guys in may and you said later in the year. are 1 series not high on the important list? i mean to be out of stock for 6 months is a long time. hope you have them back in stock for when you do your semi annual group buy.
With this type of product it is absolutely impossible for us to keep all SKU's in stock, due to production limitations. We're working to bring our availability rate as high as we can. Sadly, there is a 6 month production lead time from when we place an order to when we receive it, and product must be produced in quantities of at least 120 units per size for us to be able to price them the way we do. This results in some guesswork for future demand as demand continues to increase year over year, and the need to leave some finishes sold out for a period of time, until re-production would not result in excessive overstock.