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Originally Posted by Billup
Originally Posted by Lups View Post
Sorry, I got nothing. You were being nice indeed. You need to expand into the not insane ladies your views.
I don't get it. I'm not mean to anyone I care about for no reason. Nor do I swear at people I'm talking to in a serious manner. Joking? Yeah. Real talk? That's not right. I have too much on my plate to be talked to like a piece of shit. I always end up with the crazy ones. Except my mother and sisters. They've really messed me up identifying crazies before it's too late.

Originally Posted by bimmette View Post
Ah so this chick knows you pretty well, and yet she still likes you?

Ok, I concede, my thread will eventually die while this one will likely live forever.
Hey now. Most people just get sucked into the facade I put on, so I usually look like a decent guy. On the inside, I'm a manipulative monster. Our little secret.

This one will forever. It's fair game for anything anyone wants to say, and I think that's about as appropriate as OT can get. Free reigns to anyone!
I like that you share your secretive manipulative monster side with us. I'm serious when I say, I've actually learned a lot from you.