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Originally Posted by Billup
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Aww billup, at less you have two won in your life you can count on, and your mother and sister.

I did not know adults act like that.
It's not the first time she's sworn at me or been mean just because she took something I've said out of context. I just got fed up with it, and I called her out on it, because that's not fair. I would and have done anything in the world to help her, and to see/do new things with, but I have a breaking point. I can't be nice forever.

Well, I mean..., I have four. Mother, two sisters, and you.

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I like that you share your secretive manipulative monster side with us. I'm serious when I say, I've actually learned a lot from you.
I appreciate it. I know a lot of the time I'm really sarcastic, but I love life, and I think it's something to enjoy and embrace. I've learned a lot in my short period here, and I really do like sharing what I feel I know, even if it's only an opinion. There's a lot of amazing people in the world, and a lot to learn from each person.
Awww you went all nice and sappy on me. I meant though that you've taught me what assholes guys are hahaha!!!