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Originally Posted by SLC801 View Post
Iím wondering if there is a place that shows production numbers by options. To be completely transparent, my reason for wondering is Iím trying to get a handle on how many 1Mís were delivered as ďstrippersĒ, as I have one.

When I look at the various places these are brought to market I donít believe Iíve ever seen another fully base model (no nav, no heated seats, no power I missing any?). I have seen a couple of no nav, no power seats but with heated seat option cars.

It seems with other limited quantity cars, they have a pretty good handle on production numbers by options (my brother owns a 1/35, I believe, G8 GXP manual with a particular interior color combo, for example) but donít believe Iíve seen anything in regards to this with the 1M.

Iím also curious how folks here seem to determine their production number (____/740) for the NA market? Iíve seen the spread sheet but not sure how to correlate that to the 740 number.

Thanks in advance for any help in replies.
Canadian 1Ms came standard with heated seats and several US buyers opted for heated seats because they really don't add much weight. In the US i estimate about 150 true strippers. Most were ordered with Nav or Premium package with power seats. My first one was a true stripper, not even heated seats. We had a meet of 20 1Ms in SoCal in 2012 I believe and of the 20, most had parking sensor bumpers or powered seat. I only recall 2 true strippers from that meet. That's two out of 20 or 10% however, even if I missed a couple that would be 4 out of 20 or 20%. So let's say 4 were true strippers. 20% of 739 thats about 147 strippers possibly out there.

I still consider it a stripper if it only had one little option like heated seats or Sirius which don't really add any weight but I know what you mean about a true stripper, those are probably less than 100.