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The data isn't available, in part, because the marketplace hasn't defined "strippers" and their variants to be different or more valuable than any other version of a 1M.

There are a few individuals who believe that these strippers are more highly desirable than any other 1M, but I do not believe that this is the general consensus. These individuals, not coincidentally, generally happen to own a stripper.

I would be shocked to see any kind of analysis of resales that showed that strippers sell for higher prices than other 1Ms; this would be the only way that one could establish the elevated value of a stripper vs. other 1Ms. Most people shopping for a 1M are going to concentrate on the obvious qualities that differentiate a good resale 1M from a mediocre one, such things as overall condition, mileage, prior maintenance history, whether or not the car has been in an accident.

Once you get down to such things as power vs. manual seats, you will find that you are truly off in the weeds.
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