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Originally Posted by SLC801 View Post
I wouldnít say the reason the data isnít available has anything to do with what you mention. It simply isnít available, to my understanding.

My point isnít to understand my value vs yours, itís just something fun to know as a car guy. Again, reading through BaT auctions and youíll see ď1/37 with this color combination and transmissionĒ etc (last I saw that got this going was on a Viper GTS auction on BaT). That stuff is fun and Iím mostly surprised itís not out there with so few and only one model year while other cars have this insight with much higher production numbers.

To the thought specific to 1Mís, we are very early in this cars collectibility evolution, so what weíve seen to date will change over the next few years. But again, that wasnít my intent with this.
The data exists, no doubt, it is just a matter of accessing it. I wonder if someone went to the trouble to go to one of the VIN# build sites such as BMW Archive, then pull up all of the VIN #s known to exist, if a data set for at least the known VIN #s could be produced?

The fact that no one has done this yet, to my knowledge, points to the fact that this is more or less minutiae of the highest order. No one would have any trouble figuring out how many hyper expensive Porsche Turbos were out there and in what configurations they were made, if need be.
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