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Originally Posted by hunterl41 View Post
I agree that I don't think specific production configuration numbers really impact collectability or value in the short term. As others have noted ,there are a lot of factors that make a larger impact.

Having said that, there's really no telling what the deciding factor for high level car collectors would be in 20+ years. Maybe none of the person's collection has nav, so they are only looking to buy strippers. Maybe having the nav is a total novelty like finding a 70s era car with an 8-track tape player, and that's what the collector loves is the time capsule aspect of those technologies. Same could be said for AC, power windows, etc. It really just comes down to the collector, not the car.

Value variance based on options seems pretty arbitrary from a long-term collectibility standpoint.
If in 20 years my financial well-being is to any extent tied up in the value of my 1M (assuming that I still own it then), than I would feel that my life, at least financially speaking, would have been an abject failure!
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