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Hey Esteban... I already mentioned the three fantastic VW's that I owned during my youth. My only bad experience with a VW was the 1980 Rabbit purchased new by my former wife. It was an early US production model, assembled in Westmoreland, PA and it sucked big time. Hard to believe, but the first problem we had was that the wiring for the AC blower was installed incorrectly, so the blower actually pulled air out of the cabin and expelled it to the outside of the car. This did not happen when running the heater... only the AC. What a mystery. I forget how that was fixed. A few weeks later, the car regurgitated about a gallon of gasoline out of the filler neck at high pressure right past the filler cap while sitting in the garage overnight. 'Happy', the salesman thought the answer was to only fill the tank half full. Har-dee-har-har! I was enraged. Took them a month to decide that the emission canister that processed gas fumes was defective or clogged and another month to have a new one delivered. The new one fixed the problem, but my poor wife lived in fear of lit cigarettes whizzing out of leading car windows for eight solid weeks. Yeah, I know... I should have demanded a loaner, but in my own defense, I was only 26 years old and didn't know any better. I will also just mention in passing the incredible 6 month wheel arch rust, the horrible paint job and the wimpy struts.

Anyway, relax Steve-O. I am quite sure that VW has their act back together by now.

Happy trails my good friend... Mack
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