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Originally Posted by lotusexiges View Post
OK everyone, just looking for a solid answer on this as all of the previous posts have been less than clear on the subject:

If you install a mechanical LSD in a 128i can you actually fully code out rear brake intervention?

Fully meaning, ZERO intervention whatsoever during autox, drifto fun, or anything with the DSC button off for 3 seconds. Most posts clearly state the ecu is still brake dancing to some degree while some have said it works. I'm about to purchase a stellar low mile 6MT 128i and this is an absolute deal breaker for me buying this car. I just want a basic NA RWD car thats skids without ANY electronic BS. Help!

Well, I'm ice racing my 135i with the rear 'nannies' ON and a MFactory (Torsen style) LSD.
I would not change a thing with the way it works. I really feel there is a balance/understanding gap between diff fluids and the Edif action. My opinion is that selecting the right fluid for your engagement requirement is a necessity.

I tried the OE BMW (non-lsd) fluid, Redline Lightweight and Redline Super Lightweight. I like the engagement of the super the best with the ediff.
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