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Originally Posted by Xtian View Post
Don't ask why I allowed this to happen, but some sort of sappy tree berry has left these stains on my hood I cannot get rid of.

You can laugh, I deserve it.

I tried a bug and tar remover, a clay bar and then a three step polish and wax.

After all this, the surface is *mostly* smooth but it seems like the acid from the offensive has bonded with the clear coat.

Anyone have any thoughts? At this point it seems like the hood would need to be sanded. Repaint? New layer of clear?

I'll try to post pictures soon.
You say 3-step polish....can you post what products you used?

You might need to move up to compound like Megs #105 and if that doesn't work take it to a reputable detailer to wetsand it then compound then polish......

aaaaannddd if that doesn't work, take a blowtorch, burn that fucker off, and repaint your hood......WHAT?! If you were going to repaint it mind as well relieve some stress and show that stain who is boss...
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