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So, the new Special Active struts and shocks have been installed, and the car received an alignment to 135 is specs. I don't know if there is a difference between those and 128i sport suspension settings?

My initial impression is that they are a bit stiffer than the OE sport suspension shocks and struts. Over simple stuff like tar strips, I can hear the tire impact but barely feel anything. This is a bit of an improvement over the factory pieces.

More complex bumps/irregularities are more firmly damped with only one oscillation per impact, not the feeling of 'bounciness'. The term 'buttoned down' would be a good explanation of how I think the suspension now feels. Very happy so far, might be a touch firm overall (and might soften slightly after break in?). One thing I can't explain is that the car feels flatter in corners. I wouldn't think the shocks would contribute to this, but maybe stiffer prevents some weight shift?
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