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Originally Posted by peasouped View Post
I did not prove ERV right at all. Remember the dyno comparison I posted up is for an 335XI..Not a 135I..What happens when you take a car with the same motor but is RWD not AWD? The car will put higher numbers down because it does not lose power through an AWD system.The average AWD system loses 22% power through the drivetrain and 15% for RWD. Also the member was running a 93/e85 blend. So if we go by mathmatics the 335i would make 374.5 whp if it was RWD. Now factor in E85. You can run more boost and a more aggressive tune. After that we should be right around those numbers....My money is def on Aaron BTW.
Missed that it was awd - and forgot about the dyno sheet in the vid (been awhile since I watched it). I knew e85 was good stuff, but another 40hp to the wheels? Whatever, doesn't matter. Good numbers either way.

Do you have a pull of your car fbo but without e85? Curious to know what it does on straight 93 octane.