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Originally Posted by Three_thirty_I View Post

Auto Atlantic has had my 330i since Monday (got her back this afternoon) and than ran diagnostics a number of times but could not find any faults, and I mean anything! ART found that there was a fault with the two DISA Flaps, the thermostat, and the Valvetronic motor (10% out of spec). Now this is not to say that these items are not functioning or totally faulty, but they picked up irregularities that are causing the strange pinking type noise and so on. I reckon the strange dip in power between 3000 - 4500 rpm is being caused by the issues with the DISA Flaps. Point is, the agents are only capable of finding the obvious and easy faults, so as far as I am concerned, they are just plain useless at sorting out these more complex issues - so motorplan or warranty is pointless.

For the benifit of other members, this 130i M and 330i are friends and we are talking about the same tuner with regards to the diagnostics - very jacked up crowd, so they know what they are doing and meticulous as opposed to running a sausage factor expected to turn around 80 plus cars a day! And this is the biggest problem with the agents - they just don't spend as much time as needed when tackling these more tricky issues. Hope 130i M gets her shiny new throttle pedal module soon! Last ditch effort for BMW - have a meeting with a technical rep from BMW SA with regards to my car's issues, but can just see more time is going to be wasted.
I agree with you about the agents, their diagnostic system doesn’t scan “deep” in the electronics to detect everything. Told them to get the same diagnostic system as ART.

ART found other faults with my car which they want to examine, like the power output. I showed them all my dyno result printouts (about 9 graphs) that I’ve done the past 4 years at “dyno day” events. The avg power readings on the graphs was in the low 170’s instead of in the high 180’s / low 190’s. Most of the graph readings are done at the flywheel. The BMW spec of the engine is supposed to be 195kW. My engine is performing like the E46 3l engine which is spec’ed at 175kw. ART is gonna examine this once the flat spot is sorted.

I got the module yesterday from Auto Atlantic, installed it last night. Took the car for a drive afterwards for about 20km’s. The flat spot is a lot better, it happened 7 times, instead of most of the gear changes within the rev range 3800 - 4500.
Gonna see how it performs over the weekend. There’s 2 dyno day events tomorrow, will put the car on both dyno’s to see how the flat spot looks on the graph. It will be a minor drop now.
Will get my dyno graphs later, to put here so that you guys can see how bad the flat spot was
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