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replaced free

Meguiars #9 to no prevail...

I took it to the dealership for a rep to look at last week and he 'blessed' a free replacement and repair of all the shadowline trim after seeing the damage. Just have to get my back windows re-tinted because the trim is glued to them. No biggie.

FYI never take your car to a 'touch less' car wash as mentioned previously in this post - I'm almost 100% confident their chemicals damaged it. And when 'little timmy' was wiping the car down, he probably missed the shadow trim (several times) and the sun baked it right in. I even drove to the car wash and had the owner look at it. He just played dumb (surprise).

I'll stick to washing it with my own 2 paws from now on (heavily focusing on the trim).

Thanks BMW for honoring the trim replacement! Now if you can just correct the defective trim we'll all be happy (coat trim with some type of a protectant).