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So I'm going to do a little testing on this 18 vs 19 thing.

I just mounted a set of Pilot Super Sports in stock sizes on the 19" rims. Already I can feel an improvement vs the PS2s- less abrupt breakaway, better ride, more grip. Considering I'm still wearing the mold release off I'm again impressed with this tire.

I also have a set of 18s in the car, stock M3 sizes, with new Hankook R-S3s in stock M3 sizes. This should be an even stickier, softer sidewall configuration. I know it's not apples to apples with the different tire types, but I'm curious to see how they compare.

I was going to run them both back to back at the autocross tomorrow, but they are predicting 1" of rain and a high in the mid 50s, meaning I doubt the R-S3s would stand a chance vs the PSS.
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