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Originally Posted by ZGirl4U View Post


Now that's hot.

Creatine is only going to help if you are doing explosive, high intensity anerobic activities, like sprinting or weight training where recovery is paramount.

It will also make you cramp like a mofo, so drink water like it's going out of style, and even add some electrolytes to the routine. When I was playing ball, I'd take the creatine like candy. You also need to take it with a large dose of glucose to get your body to take it up. Grape juice works well, but the supplement you have probably already has the glucose in it.

All that said, I'd probably skip the creatine if your not doing the high-intensity, high exertion stuff. It will also make you bloat a bit and retain some water. Nothing like andro (mmmm, good shit!), but none the less...

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