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Seems like 50%+ of the ads here are missing photos. I've reported a few, but some more proactive enforcement both by mods and community members would be really nice for everyone. Zero excuse to not have photos of your stuff in 2016.

If you have trouble uploading your photos using the forum's internal hosting, which has some annoying dimension and file size restrictions, try one of these:

1) an OS-based resizing tool, such as for Windows.
2) A cloud-based resizing tool, such as . Scaling your photo down by 50% should do the trick.
3) as an alternative hosting site

You'll have better luck selling your stuff, and buyers won't have to say, "Hey lazy bones, can I actually see what you're selling?"

Finally, if you see an ad without photos, report it. The icon is just to the left of the appreciate button, and your reason can simply be "no photos."

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