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Originally Posted by squidge View Post
Seems like 50%+ of the ads here are missing photos. I've reported a few, but some more proactive enforcement both by mods and community members would be really nice for everyone. Zero excuse to not have photos of your stuff in 2016.
You're correct, in 2016 there is no excuse for not having a photo of something, but that's far from the problem. The problem is Bimmerpost. The mobile app is buggy when uploading photos and that's frustrating after you've typed out 2-3 paragraphs on a smartphone. The current internet platform also has a fairly small size constraint for photos. Any photo taken on a smartphone within the last 4-5 years will be larger than what this website allows.

But the biggest problem of all is that there is no built in auto resize feature on the desktop platform which means that each photo must be resized to be within the pixel and size limits manually.

Example of what that means for the user: If I take a photo of a part on my phone and the mobile app doesn't work (doesn't upload photos) you must do the following:
1. Sync it to Google Drive or whatever "Cloud" backup system you use
2. Wait for the photos to sync to your cloud service
3. Download it to your PC/Mac
4. Resize it on your computer and hope it's within the KB and pixel restraints.
5. Recreate the thread you were trying to create on your mobile phone (but couldn't post because the photo upload didn't work)
6. Upload photos (again, hoping you got the pixel size under the limit and under the max KB)
7. Post thread.

This seems easy and straight forward but lets just step back a moment and realize that this is 2016, and as easy as it is to take a photo of something, it sure is a pain in the ass to get it on here.

My Advice:
-Clean up that mobile app!
-Implement an auto resize feature here. The mobile platform has it, why doesn't the desktop?
-Let's not immediately report posts without photos. I've typed up a thread on the mobile app many times only to get an error when I try to upload photos. So rather than discard the entire thread I just typed up with my 2 thumbs, I'd prefer to put a note saying that photos are on the way or will be uploaded tonight without having to worry about the damn thing getting reported.

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