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Almost every large company becomes a victim of what is now commonly called innovator's dilemma (stopping short a commercial endorsement of a great book with the same title). As much as all of us who decided to embrace BMW vehicles for many reasons and want these reasons to be present forever, BMW is no exception.

It's increasingly difficult to sponsor, finance, and execute strategic initiatives precisely at the right time in a large corporation. The inertia of quarterly earnings pressure prioritizes incremental evolution over innovation - until some other company or market shift disrupts the status quo.

Since 2017, Toyota maintained its lead as a biggest car manufacturer with a vehicle for every customer segment. Perhaps BMW attempted to do the same with 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series .... the list goes one. Unfortunately, this strategy leaves little room for more rapid deployment of capital for innovation.

I am glad BMW recognizes the need innovate quicker. Even the best ideas fail to reach their promise due to lack of execution discipline. I personally want BMW to succeed and find a few R&D Euros to retire the oversized grills, the easiest cost saving measure as smaller grills will require less material.

The latest i4 spy photo holds much promise. It would be a tragedy if i4 were to resemble Toyota Mirai's distant cousin.

As a side note, the wisdom of some car manufacturers making electric or hydrogen powered cars look like a transformer in search of its identity continues to be puzzling.