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Originally Posted by damian View Post
Do you look young?

That's the most annoying fucking thing, and it happens to me all the time because i look about 10 years younger than I am. Then I go somewhere I just want to be left alone (like Best Buy) and i can't get the salespeople to shut the F up.
I guess I look a little young, but I pulled up in an X5 - not exactly a cheap car. I would have thought that would have gotten me a little respect. I went to a different dearlship and had no problems like that, got to test anything I wanted. Didn't buy, but if I was ever interested in buying again (and I may be in the future) I certainly know where I'm going and where I'm not.

I was actually talking about this sort of thing with the guy at the other dealership. His basic response was, "It's northern Virginia, we've had a ton of kids come in whose parents have no problem dropping 100K on a car for them so you have to treat everyone with respect."

Oddly enough, when I was at BMW of Sterling a different time a rather older woman walked in the door and wanted some help. She HAD to be in her 70s but they greated her immediately and she pointed to a car and said she wanted to look at it. It was an M5. I know the rep was thinking the lady doesn't know what she is looking at. She ended up buying it. You just never know.

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