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Originally Posted by 1ntense135i View Post
Tischer is not very competitive on the price. How do you guys drive in and out of the dealership without ripping out your lower front lip ? The entrance is very steep.
Tischer's sales mgr gave me the best "out the door" price out of all the area dealerships. But I was low-balled on my trade-in.
That pretty much leveled out the price quote I received. I dont blame it on the sales mgr; it was the used car mgr who was to blame. He reeked of sleazy, with his two toned dress shirt (white collar and blue shirt), cuff links and his Versace tie, bathed in cologne and shifty eyes and had the posture of a Cro-Magnon. Oh he's still there, since I recently went to Tischer for warranty maintance the other day. I wanted to go up to him and crack him in his noggin as he sat there hunched over his desk like a reptile. Anyhow, I still like Tischer's new car dept and their service dept is great but I would never buy a used car from them or trade in another car in the future. And dont let them wash your car when you go in for service, My car is now covered in dirt swirls! I give up...

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