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Originally Posted by worthyofed View Post
There are obviously lots of options for increasing the performance, all with various levels of work and cost involved.

Re-flashes seem to be $1000+.

Intakes, exhaust, etc. can go well into the thousands.

No word on the Performance Power Kit yet.

And there are things like the Split Second Turbo Tuner. I've also heard of another from Cobb (I think?). At only $500ish, virtually zero work involved...It sounds like it's too good to be true... what's the catch?

And if there is no catch, why isn't everybody doing it?
Performance Power kit is out alrady for the 2011 and 2012 135i N55, i was qouted around $2800 for the entire kit including labor at a BMW dealer, they told me that the 135i N55 power kit is only available with the hardware upgrade besides the tuning of the ECU. Still this is way too much money. I am waiting on COBB to finish the N55 hand held tuning device
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