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Originally Posted by Em/1 View Post
My pathetic saga continues. My dealer's head service rep contacted BMW NA after getting nowhere with regional tech and their answer was that LT-2 is correct and that putting LT-5 could jeopardize my warranty!! My guy is trying to help but says my next move it to customer service phone number. Does anyone have an official document for US to use LT-5? I am not sure the Canadian bulletin is going to do it. An official statement for Germany would be enough to get me to just have done by an indie service center. Someone in FL said their rep made contact with higher ups that gave the thumbs up on LT-5--can he get us a name?

IF I were in your shoes... I would purchase (all) the correct fluids - and have an indi shop change it for you. Or do it yourself. Then I would sit down and write BMW NA a nice letter - sent registered US Mail asking for payment for the service you had to have done bc of their dealers are so incompetent. I can not believe this still is happening.