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Originally Posted by burnsniper View Post
Can't believe that the dealer will put FFL-3 into the car without BMW's approval.
It's the same fluid they'll be putting in at your later services, so I can't see why they would refuse (although knowing some dealers, it wouldn't surprise me). I got my transmission fluid changed at an indy, knowing it wouldn't be covered by BMW as part of the maintenance plan.

Of course, I can't be held responsible in the event that Pentosin/BMW/ZF reverses course on the recommendation, and/or damage occurs to your transmission, etc. This is simply the course I chose to take with my car. The "safest" route from a warranty perspective is certainly to follow the current service recommendations, which don't specify any transmission fluid changes at all at the 1,200 mile service. That said, I (and probably others) suspect that the primary reason the service bulletin was updated to remove transmission service from the running-in service was because the BMW-branded FFL-3 was on backorder. That makes me concerned about what effect the lack of initial fluid change might have after the 50k mile warranty expires.