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We go round and round the block on these types of "investment" conversations. It's not a good investment if you consider that you took your $60k of car, options, registrations and servicing costs, and got $92k for it - that's not even 50% compounded over 7 years.

Park that 60k in an index fund and it would something like $170k over the same period. Which means this owner hardly enjoyed the car (unless he's one of those that derive most of their enjoyment from looking at it and polishing it), and made a loser of an investment to boot.

With that said, 1M owners should be thrilled to have been able to drive the wheels off their car for 7 years and not lose any money on depreciation. That's as good as a car enthusiast should be able to expect. If you're thinking that you're sitting on the next 250're not.