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Originally Posted by Rayers1997 View Post
the 1M is really overhyped. its basically a modern E36 M3. that's great, but it's not 90 grand great. my E36 is fully built, and the interior is modernized, and it's a far superior car to the 1m I almost bought before I got an F80. I just cant imagine spending almost 100 grand on a car that a 340i blows the doors off
That right there shows you don't get it. It's like FBO 335i vs M3 arguments.
Enjoy your EPS

I want your active diff though.

Originally Posted by Rayers1997 View Post
a car being a collector car doesnt make it inherently great. and I really dont gind the M2 all that special, but then neither is the 1M. you didnt say a single thing about the car other than it's a collectible car. big whoop, why tho? because it was rare.

theres a laundry list of bimmers I would buy before I even considered a 1m or an m2.

E36 and 46 are the best cars I've ever driven bar none. every M car since then has been in their shadow for me

Ok, you have no credibility slanging your USDM E36 Mock3 around. Lol.

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