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The only thing special about this car is that so few were made. The M2 is better in every regard, and it looks waaay better. The only reason to buy this car at that price is because it's your unicorn.
It appears from your signature that you own NEITHER. So we will take your opinion for what it is worth.

I, along with a number of other people, happen to own both of them. The M2 is a fine, modern, car. I am liking it more than I did when I first acquired it, new, in March. It is, however, nowhere near as fun to drive as a 1M. I bought my 1M used, so I never did get to experience that new car smell, which I did get in spades from my M2, the first new BMW I have purchased since 1993.

The M2 is considerably more luxurious than a 1M; it is certainly more modern. It drives well. But is it inspiring like a 1M? No, it is not.
Inspiring is a word people use in regards to cars when they have a personal connection to them. I don't have that connection to the 1M.

I'm the original owner of that E92 - and could have gotten the 1 instead as it had just come out at the time. I found it neither as inspiring or engaging as my M3, mostly because of the V8. At any rate, I've driven both and can tell you, aside from steering feel, the M2 is just better. Don't be butt hurt because you paid more for a lesser car.
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