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Originally Posted by SimPar View Post
I have a north american 2012 135i and I badly want the auto-folding mirror (so when I park they fold automatically) Since I have the facelifted model (meaning that the mirror are not like the e90's) and already have blue heating euro mirror lenses and no power seats, can I go with only the second portion of your part list (excluding the mirror lenses)? I do not plan to add a control button on the driver's door, I will code the mirror to fold on parking and unfold on starting. I also had my car wrapped, can I keep the original mirror housing? Thank you for your exhaustive list
If you want to keep your mirror heating, you’re already in the upper part of the list. Here’s why: The LIN/high version of the mirror glasses do everything (change position, heating, folding & dimming) based on a digital command. Although basic/low mirrors can change position, and be heated. If you have the folding function, al other functions can only be transferred inside the mirror housing digitally.

Facelift or not does not change any of the mirror dimensions, coding or other considerations. Thus as long as you select the LIN/high version of your current mirror style (135/128/regular or M) you can reuse your caps.