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Error Code P2400 (DMTL)

About 1500 miles and two years ago I got an error code for a DMTL pump (something different than the P2400 I just got). I replaced the dmtl pump and canister filter myself. A little while later the error came back. The dealer replaced the DMTL pump and canister again (they were nice and did a warranty claim on the ones I previously bought online from another BMW dealer). Anyway, i literally picked up my car from the dealer today (had the blower recall done), drove the car for about an hour, turned it off, then back on, and voila....the lovely amber glow of a SES. Super frustrating. I swear the dealer had previously mentioned I might need a new fuel tank if the dmtl/canister repair didnt work! I've owned the car for about 4 years but the previous owner did let it sit a while and I'm wondering if there was something with fuel contaminants (that mostly makes no sense here, but I have no idea what else it could be).

One odd note - I stored the car for 7 months and before I did so I topped off the fuel tank. I swear the car was a bit under full when I fired it up. Not sure if there is an issue with a seal around the tank allowing fuel to evaporate?
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