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Originally Posted by Yogijet View Post
I have my first black car and I've been saying to friends that any other black car that they see me with as owner in the future was given to me or I have a live-in houseman/yardman to wash, and who washes, it every morning. It is phenomenally beautiful but I cannot care for it and have given up taking solace in the fact that I didn't buy the car for the looks .
As the owner of a Black 2008 135i, I understand where you are coming from.
I did have to hire a gardner/car man because I simply couldn't take it looking dirty, so I increased my monthly allowance to myself

On a serious note I am using the two bucket method of cleaning.
Two buckets
2 lambs wool mittens. (Helps speed up the process I switch gloves 1/2 way through)
A gentle car soap. (Dawn removes wax/sealant - Which can be good sometimes)
3+ MF towels. (1 big one!)
Wheel cleaner
Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant (Looks great and goes on and off easily, lasts 4-6 months in normal conditions)
Brush for cleaning the wheels (Bristled fiber, not metal)

Cleaning Process:
Rinse and let soak.
Get supplies out.
Get buckets and soap. (1 bucket soap, 1 bucket rinse)
Quick soap down and rinse.
Spray on Wheel cleaner.
Work on any areas that remain dirty.
Quick whole soap and rinse.
Brush wheels off.
(Make a mental note every time I get wheels in the future I need to get 5 spoke wheels, as these M3 competition rims are a bitch to clean)

Detailing Process:
If this is a base clean for applying the initial coat of sealant I will use a detailer and clay the car (This isn't strictly needed but helps make sure there is no stray dirt under the initial sealant coat).
If not a base coat I just look over the car of any stray dirt spot and use the detailer to remove them.
Apply the Blackfire Wet Diamond sealant (Usually do 2 coats if its the 1st, coats need to be 24+ hours apart)
Rain-X wheels by applying Rain-X with an MF towel making sure to coat the whole surface evenly (test on your wheel behind a spoke to make sure there is no adverse effect)

After the initial process above has been done, then a simple wash rinse can be done and is much quicker since the BWD sealant is so slick. If washed and rinsed every 2-3 weeks the cleaning is pretty quick and keeps the car looking good. Once the Rain-X is on the rims you can usually get them clean with standard soap and a brush w/o having to use the rim cleaner, again making the process quicker and simpler.

Then about every 4-6 months (depending on the cars luster and how nice the weather is) I will apply a new coat of Sealant on top of what I have currently on the car. Also if you want a more waxy shine you can wax over the sealant for a deeper gloss look.

On topic:
I'm not sure what color to buy.
I really don't like the orange (Don't hate it, just doesn't grab me)
I don't want the black car as the color hides all the cool bits and lines.
I don't really like the white as it looks so plain w/o the CF roof, and just painting the roof black looks silly. Maybe Ill have those CSL stickers made/painted.

I won't say anything about blue.... well more than that! =)

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