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After countless hours hitting the books, long nights in the library, annoying commutes to class that were cancelled, and landing a job that takes 50+ hours of time from me... it has all started to pay off.

I finally got myself a nice apartment with DrBobOh back in November, and after getting myself a nice 91 318iS to daily... it was time to step it up to the car of my dreams... and then some.

Originally, I wanted to do a Euro Delivery 135i and had everything all set to order around the end of July.

However.. a few weeks into April and I had begun tracking down the VIN to the first allocation of a 1M that a local dealer was going to receive.

Time passed.

Lots, and lots, and LOTS of nagging, follow ups, and an eventual email came through that read "The 1M is here"- I LEFT WORK IMMEDIATELY.

Long story short, no one took me seriously at the dealership when I showed up, after I was finally showed the car the first words out of my mouth were (to a service kid with a drill) "If you drill holes in that front bumper I won't buy the car".

I turned to the salesman who had been helping me with the track and said "I want this car, TODAY".

Apparently a broker was already lined up to purchase the car, but had nothing signed, no hands were shaken, and was essentially waiting to come in and get things rolling.


I arrived around 2PM and had the keys in my hand around 10:30PM.

Lets just say what they were asking was ridiculous, and thought the Pacific BMW 40k mark up was something that could actually work.

I will end that part of the conversation with: I paid what I thought the car was worth, and I am extremely-EXTREMELY happy with how everything turned out.

The rumble, the response, and everything that M has to offer in this car is absolutely fantastic. Did I mention the stereo is INCREDIBLE.

In the end, I can say it's extremely difficult to not look back at the car every time I walk away from it. I get giddy when I see it, and smile even harder when I unlock the car with the touch of a thumb.

Just picked myself up some key chains, hat, backpack, sunshade, and a few other goodies.

It was an epic experience getting this car, so no reason for me to apologize for the long write up! Haha. ENJOY.

- The Schatzi