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Originally Posted by AceofSpades11 View Post
I looked around the forum to see if there is anywhere I could post this, all I could find was picture forums. If this is a redundant post, my bad

I am considering putting limo (5%) tint on my 135 when I get it, I had limo previously for 4 years, then I moved to Orlando and within 5 months I got pulled over and the jerk gave me a ticket for each window!

Nevertheless, I see people everyday with limo all around. So I am wondering if anyone has it and if they could share their stories or how frequently they have problems (if any). It would really help me make up my mind . Thanks!
I have 20% and have been living in orlando for about 5 months now and no problems obviously haha. i've heard of many people getting tickets for limo tint recently so maybe you're better off getting 15%. Then again the bmw owners i know around here with limo have never gotten stoppped.