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Originally Posted by Apiasto View Post

On topic the braking does fade a bit. I wonder if better cooling would help out. Just an idea, it might be a cheaper solution. I'm not sure how well it would do on let's say an autocross track but it may be worth a shot.
Adding extra cooling for brakes is always a good thing and might be sufficient for most autocross. As are better pads and using a hi temp brake fluid. But, most of the real drivers here who track their 128's realize that they arent quite up to par for the task. The rotors are quite small. 11.8" front and back. These are not performance sized rotors by todays standards. Even with the extra cooling they wont stop you when really need them after some hot laps. Most brake systems can stop once or twice without reaching fade, its the numerous hard on and off on brakes which taxes them beyong their limitations. A soft, spongey pedal is the first warning, after that its usually into a tire barrier. Certainly ruins what should have been a fun day.

The 135's Front rotors(13.3") are an inch and a half larger in diameter and thicker also. The rears(12.8") are an inch larger and thicker also.
Nearly the same size as the OEM Z51 Corvette rotors. That is a lot of extra swept area and a much larger heat sink to absorb and radiate heat. The calipers are much larger with multiple pistons to clamp the rotors firmly and evenly from both sides, larger pads help disipate heat much better and puts much more material on iron, common sense tells us thats better.
Quite a few 128 owners have swapped them onto their cars with very good results. Thats one option that works well and is a realitively inexpensive one. You could go with a big buck BBK but I think they're overkill for this application.

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