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Originally Posted by JimD
NYC6's post makes sense to me. I don't think you can do a whole lot with pads and cooling. I would think cooling would make a bigger difference if you were on a higher speed track than an autocross. The way they set up the performance center for an autocross you don't go over about 70mph. So you stop really hard if you are driving appropriately but are only on the brakes for a few seconds. If you were doing this from 100+, I think the cooling would be more of a factor. Perhaps that argues that pads would work, however, for an autocross situation. When my brakes get close to replacement and/or I am out of the warranty/maintenace period I'll try it - if I don't put on some bigger brakes first. Anybody got stock 135 brakes to sell? Anybody looked at putting on the M3 brakes like the 1M has?

The two day M-school is a great experience. You will learn to control oversteer and understeer. You will learn to properly take corners at high speed. They let you take the big turn on their course at around 100 mph. If you hit it hard enough, the only thing you have to do to hit the second apex is lift slightly on the throttle. It changes your course noticably, neat. There are several skidpad exercises and lots of driving on the track. There is very little time in a classroom, almost all driving. Driving the M3, M5, and M6 was an experience by itself. You are encouraged to drive them hard. I just wish they had the 1M there when I did it. I keep thinking (but not acting) of going back. If you decide to do it or are considering the costs, please remember that you get a serious discount if you are a BMWCCA member. I think it's 15%. So if you aren't a member, join first and save several hundred dollars. The price is significant but it includes your room and meals and some goodies (helmet, shirt, jacket).

15% is several hundred?? How much is the total cost? A full track day with driver training is only like $300 cost + increased wear on car parts...