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Originally Posted by IEDEI View Post
thanks for the photos Greg.

i actually think i prefer the yellow ones....the white ones look a bit more blingy....the yellow ones look cooler and a bit more evil
Years ago when I first saw the crisp white ones showing up on the 3-series coupes, I thought they're almost too white. Hurts my eyes. I never cared enough to even consider doing anything to them or messing with stock, but I like them just fine the way they are. It's a little weird that they don't match the eyebrows now, but it also sets them off and apart so you don't just have a bunch of crisp white shapes barreling down on you in your rearview from up ahead before we pass you. O=)

Actually, I just went back and looked at my own photos after posting this since I never see my own headlights and I think what it is is that when they have a different color to them, it makes it really look more like a face and eyes and an eyebrow. It's a little more dynamic and adds a bit more depth since they do NOT match. Soft, but intent eyes and angry, strong eyebrows. It's a mean and menacing face.

Alright, back to me focusing on floormats.