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Originally Posted by mackeroni View Post
This is good to know. I will listen closely for the radiator fan. Wish there was an easy way to monitor coolant temperature. I have a Carly, but nothing replaces a good old-fashioned dash mounted gauge.
Originally Posted by Esteban View Post
Oh so true.
The P3 Cars vent gauge lets you monitor coolant temp, plus a number of other parameters. Highly recommended.

FWIW, I have 74k miles and I believe mine is still the stock pump. I bought the car at 62k miles with minimal service history available (not smart I know). I have an extended warranty through 1st US AutoProtect. I have yet to invoke this warranty as nothing has failed in the 12k miles ive put on the car, but I just discovered a crack in my valve cover so I am hoping the replacement will be covered.

As for preemptive replacement of the pump, Ive decided to just wait for it to fail as I live in a cold climate and the pump doesnt have to work too hard to keep the temps down. Im not sure if that is a factor in what causes the pump to fail though. Even with extended sporty driving my coolant rarely goes over 200 degrees, and I only saw the oil temp go over 250 degrees once on a hot summer day after some extended hard driving.