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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
My front tires never wear the inside area. Sounds like too much negative camber. I'm running a stock suspension, but this summer I will probably will upgrade.

As for your rears... IF you are close to the wear bars... just buy new tires. The tire compound gets harder with age(especially as you get down to the wear bars) so you have less traction/grip. Also summer time also means rain... and you don't want to wreck your car in a bad rain storm. Just buy new rubber.

Summer hasn't meant Rain for me here in Nor Cal for many several years...
Hopefully we Will get one more good storm this spring. But that remains to be seen.
My supplier says there's a $100 rebate on a set of 4 MPSS right now, but I really don't have the scratch to go replacing non critical items just yet - wife finally started working after some 18 months off. If I can put off the rears just a month or two, I won't need to dig into the "vacation" fund (upcoming family weddings, this year) to keep the 1'er on the road.
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