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Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
I remember when the 1 series first came out there were quite a few comparisons to the 370Z not just on this forum but in the media as well.
A 370Z has better stock tires, a stiffer suspension, and a better differential stock. So, it has a harsher ride and is more of a pure "sports" car than the sporty premium coupe the 1 is. In 2010 or so, the 1er got some linear springs that were an improvement over the old progressive ones, which helped a bit, but the Z is definitely the "sports car" of the two, which makes it all the more impressive how well the 1 keeps up.
The Z is definitely a nice car, but it costs too much to add any significant power and it's a little harsh for a daily driver.
You've pretty much hit the nail on the head.

IMO, the 370 is not a track-ready car. Without an oil cooler, oil temps get too hot and the car goes into limp mode. The factory rotors have a tendency to glaze over and the brakes tend to overheat easily.

Not to mention that there's an issue with the fuel pickup where the car will stall on a sweeping right turn on anything from a half tank or less.

The wider track and accommodation for huge rubber is great, but you'd be better off putting your money into a different chassis and engine. The VQ engine is tapped out at 3.7l and really has very little potential to tap into short of forced induction.

It's actually not that bad of a daily driver, believe it or not. The seats are the weakest link- nothing like the seats in the 1.