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The Nissan VQ engine is a good engine, but it is brash and unrefined compared to a typical BMW engine. That's just how it is... For the price, the 370Z is a very powerful and sexy sports car. Perfect, it is not.

It's not a terrible engine by any means - smooth power curve, very capable, and obviously very responsive because it's NA... just not as elegant. Exhaust and engine note both suck stock. The engines have oil leak problems. Oil cooler isn't up to snuff. The shifter vibrates like it's gonna fall off (on the Z, I'm sure the G is better). Up til a few years ago, the clutch pedal engagement was so horrible even on the Infiniti, I don't think I've ever read a single positive thing about it. Just that by itself ruled out the car for me before I even took notice of anything else. Well, those last two aren't particularly engine problems, but still sorta related. Hey, our engines aren't perfect, either.

Who can argue, though. 350 horses, almost track ready, for 45 grand... well nowadays with 280 horsepower accords and camrys that doesn't sound like a bargain, but for everything else you get, it's still a good deal. Still would rather have a 1er though.

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