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Originally Posted by mojo1 View Post
How exactly is it a crappy engine. My wife just purchased a 2013 G37 sedan coming from a 2010 335i, I drove it a length yesterday and was blown away at the torque, smoothness, response, and just about everything else where I consider points in an engine. I currently dive a 2010 135i and frankly believe the G37 sedan is just as fast. Super nimble for a sedan, totally impressed. Still love BMW's but 3 series has nothing on the G37! Please explain?
I had a 2010 g37 before the 135i. Past 5500 RPM the engine sounds coarse, very harsh. Its just very unrefined compared to the 3.0l twin turbo. And torque? Idk what torque you are experiencing, but there is no decent torque until your RPM is 3500 or above. You might like the engine, but to me its terrible for a luxury car.
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