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While my comparison is not directly relevant to your car I will provide my insight on my experience with my E92 M3 race car. The M3 stock comes with a clutch style, speed sensing, LSD from the factory. The unit is decent for what it is, albeit it locks up and unlocks slowly and the amount of lock is quite low. The diff was upgraded to a 2-way 8-clutch Drexler LSD (equal lock up on accel and decel). The difference is absolutely huge; predictability under power, confidence to put the power down, stability under braking are all massively improved compared to the stock unit (which was already a LSD, not an open diff). Lap time difference was estimated to be about ~3/4-1 second a lap from the diff alone around a 90 second track.

I know a lot of people preach the importance of a LSD, especially in the 1 series chassis as they come with an open diff. But not many people really emphasize the importance of a quality diff. Do not cheap out and get the cheapest LSD possible. If you have the means invest in the best diff you can. Clutch styles, for track use, will ALWAYS provide better performance. I'd recommend getting a unit that also locks up under decel for added stability under braking, and more confident trail braking characteristics.